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Open to exceptional undergraduate and graduate students studying plant biology, this program delivers an experience intended to serve as a foundation for a career in plant science. Students who apply to the program must be in good academic standing (verified by their Pl or department head), and must demonstrate a commitment to plant science. 


Apply by December 2, 2019, 11:59 pm EST.  Reference letters must be received by this date as well.

This program includes: 

  • 1-year membership in ASPB, the professional society for plant biologists. This gives you on line access to The Plant Cell, Plant Physiology, and Teaching Tools in Plant Biology, among many other things
  • Individual virtual mentoring/resume review sessions with an established plant science professional
  • Private on line group network for ongoing discussions and Q&A
  •  Opportunities for exposure to plant biologists who have taken different career tracks, including university research, industry, conservation and plant protection, agronomy, publications, policy, education and outreach, etc.
  • A hands-on learning program that includes career seminars, roundtable discussions, and workshops that help develop skills for success. Topics could include:
    • Writing: including both writing for scientists as well as writing for the general public
    • Career Planning: including virtual panel discussions with plant scientist in various fields and a chance to interview a plant scientist of your choice about their career path
    • Professional Presentation: learn how to improve your presentation skills
    • Video Production: including a chance to submit your own 3-minute video
    • Leadership: including a virtual panel discussion with leaders of ASPB
  • A limited number of travel grants to attend Plant Biology 2020 in Washington, DC will be awarded. More details on how to receive one to be announced.


Certificate of completion after successful participation that includes:

  • Attend at least four webinars (assuming a total of 7 webinars) and hands-on learning activities
  • Contribute one blog post/article to the Plantae blog
  • Volunteer in at least one education/outreach event and providing a write up of the event
  • Participate mentoring sessions and completing the mentoring tasks assigned
  • Completing the required assignments, which includes, but is not limited to:
    • Information Interview with a plant scientist
    • Providing feedback on your mentoring sessions
    • Submitting 2 writing assignments
    • Completing a video presentation
    • Participating in group discussions online and providing feedback to other scholars on their assignments

See what previous participants did during the program: 

Applicants must also agree that if accepted, they will provide a bio and photo within seven days that may be used by ASPB or Conviron for promotional purposes. Questions? Feel free to send us an email if you have questions.

Apply by December 2, 2019, 11:59 pm EST.  Reference letters must be received by this date as well.


Established in 1964, Conviron is the world leader in the design, manufacture and installation of controlled environment systems for plant science research. Conviron's reach-in plant growth chambers, walk-in rooms and Argus Control Systems (a Conviron Company) provide precise, uniform, and repeatable control of temperature, light, humidity, CO2, and other environmental conditions.  www.conviron.com